Customization Value

March 13, 2020

Customization Value

Want to know the value of customizations?

We have some parts ready for delivery, which can be consulted through the Whatsapp from the store.

As for the customization of your pieces, values ​​are made according to the difficulty of the piece, the number of references placed on the piece, if it takes more than 1 day to be done, in short, several things can influence the value of your piece.

Our customizations start from $35.00 on the most basic t-shirts that can be made on the same day. Customizations in handbags, sneakers and jackets start from $120.00, the price increases if there are stones and / or Swarovski applications, for example.

The values ​​include all drawings made for approval (see post HOW IT WORKS), all patches sewn, all details made with the greatest care and, most of the time, by hand.

There is no difference in prices for adults and children unless the work is less, that is, if the customization is to sew a patch on t-shirts, the work is the same to sew on the adult and children's t-shirts.

Any questions, please contact us by email: or whatsapp.


Carol Baldin Team

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