About Us

It all started with a desire to stay on vacation in 2017...

What? Hahah

The truth is that I am from São Paulo, Brazil, and there we take work more seriously than we should, I would say. That old saying "Do you live to work or work to live?" I was literally living to study and work, since it was my last year of college.

I moved to the United States thinking: I'm going to keep myself calm for 2 months ... obviously it didn't happen.

With a few weeks here, people found out that I customized stuff and of course I didn't say no. I firstly did a total of 4 shirts for a Brazilian event and from that day, I never stopped.

We started with By Caroline Baldin, and there have been countless T-shirts and jackets that have passed through my hands since then. We had the pleasure of meeting Kaka and Carol Dias, Zezé and Graciele, Larissa Manoela and Léo Cidade, Mirela Santos, Camila Colombo and Lucas Salles, Mari Felício and Daniel Saullo, Patricia Maldonado and Gui Arruda, Fernanda Pontes and Manu Pontes, among our beautiful customers from Florida, other states in the United States and also from Brazil.

Events and a studio were small for the number of pieces we were receiving daily, so we decided to grow, and we jumped high. We opened our first store in May 2019 to be able to serve our customers even better.

Today we are on our way to our second store, with a huge area dedicated to customization, which was the flagship for so long here.

I can't wait to show you everything!


Carol Baldin
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