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March 13, 2020

Do you have that clothing piece in your wardrobe in which for a weird reason you don't use it anymore? Have you ever thought of customizing it? Color, fabric, or even put some sparkles and your name on it? Turning it into, an unique piece. Nothing is more timeless than having an exclusive piece for you, am I right?

 Our process is very simple, you can choose your own piece, be it a jacket, t-shirt, pants, sneakers, bag, etc. or even choose one of our pieces. Once you know what you want to customize, you can then bring it to our studio (or by mail).


When I receive the piece I start to come up with a thousand ideas for it, and that's where YOU come in! We have a questionnaire asking from colors you like, even if you had any ideas and references for your piece. This questionnaire can be answered in the studio or by email.

After reading your questionnaire, I will start to sketch some ideas on paper and send you, this process is the only one that takes time (I already had people who liked the first drawing and people that we changed a few times until it reached perfection). At this stage, you can tell me if it's not what you were thinking, if you would like more or less colors, if you want to keep one of the designs and change the others, in short, I'm here to make your piece even more beautiful.

After OK is given for all necessary changes, I then start to customize the piece. Customization can take 4 to 12 business days, depending on the degree of difficulty. Photos of the process are always sent to keep track of everything that is happening.

Once your unique piece is ready, you will receive a notice to withdraw (if it is outside Orlando, FL, we will send it by mail).

So, do you know which piece of your closet you would like me to customize?

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Carol Baldin

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